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Hello Wolf Pack Students and Families,

Our teacher-led after school clubs are officially launched! The teachers have posted materials in the hallways and pitched their clubs during the morning announcements to let your children know how to sign up for the clubs. Many students have already signed up and attended sessions.

ALL STUDENTS will report to the cafeteria for snack at dismissal and club teachers will pick them up for their session from there. No exceptions.

Club Schedule:

Robotics--Teacher: Ms. Muller room 304--Wednesday 2:45-5PM Friday 2:45-4:30PM

Chess--Teacher: Ms. Lvov room 321--Friday 2:45-4:30PM

Soccer--Teacher: Mr. Davis/Mr. McCauley in the gym--Wednesday 2:45-4:30PM

Basketball--Teacher: Mr. McCauley/Mr. Davis in the gym--Thursday 2:45-4:30PM

Newspaper/Photojournalism--Teacher: Mr. Ramsey/Mr. Burns room 320--Thursday 2:45-3:45PM

Debate Team--Teacher: Mr. Jurmain room 322--Wednesday/Thursday 2:45-4PM and Friday at lunch

Math Tutoring--Teacher: Ms. Harris room 330--Wednesday 2:45-4:15PM and Monday/Friday during lunch in room 312

Garden Club--Teacher: Mr. Singe room 324--Thursday 2:45-3:50PM

Book Club--Teacher: Ms. Lawry room 322--Friday 2:45-4:00PM

Mentoring--Teacher: Mr. Longford/Mr. VannKueren--Friday 2:45-4PM

Mentoring/Girls Inc--Teacher: Ms. Roberts--LUNCH TIME

Theater--Mondays: Mr. Sam/Irondale Theater room auditorium--Monday 2:45-5PM

Art Club-Ms. Johnson room 303--Friday 2:45-4:30PM

Step Team--Teacher: Ms. Rowley room 331--Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 2:45-4:30Pm

If you are interested in any of these clubs you MUST submit an after school application (attached for your convenience). Please look for the announcements and flyers to come with more information. If you have specific questions about the club, please outreach to the club teacher.

In the event that a specific club teacher is absent, students will be welcomed into the general after school program session until the time of dismissal.

I will continue to announce seasonal club opportunities as they come up throughout the year. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Principal Lettiere

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