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Learn more about our
French Dual Language Program! 

French in the Wolf Pack!


The Model:

Our FDL is a 2-way model in a 1-way setting. Social Studies and Science are taught exclusively in French immersion. To support our anglophones, and particularly with regard to US History curriculum in the 7th and 8th grades, there are some English-language sources used, however all productions by students are in French language. 


In addition to 50% of their core instruction in immersion, students also have a 2-day French language workshop class in which grammatical skills are taught and then elicited in the core-content formative and summative tasks. In 8th grade, DLP students will sit the Languages Other Than English Regents exam. 


The DLP students are populated into heterogenous class sections for their ELA, Math and Elective classes. 

Students must matriculate from a French DLP program or pass a proficiency exam that demonstrates proficiency at the Intermediate-Low level per the ACTFL guidelines. 

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