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Core Curriculum

Pile of Books

English/Language Arts & Literacy:Fort Greene Prep’s literacy approach is deeply rooted in student-led questioning.  We encourage our students to read with a purpose and ask questions to deepen their understanding of the meaning of a text. We use a shared inquiry approach to literature circles as part of our daily literacy work and engage in critical literacy to debate and question texts. This questioning becomes the foundation for making our thinking visible through student writing.  Fort Greene Prep embeds Social Emotional Learning into our Literacy Curriculum and grounds our inquiry projects in culturally responsive, timely, and relevant topics for exploration that build our students’ capacity to become active citizens in the larger world.  HMH Into Literature is the foundation of our curriculum, coupled with a wide array of novels and texts in our literature circles.

Math Formulas

Mathematics:Fort Greene Prep believes that students become fluent in Math when there is true conceptual understanding beyond the formula.  Our Mathematical learning is grounded in the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum. Illustrative Mathematics is a problem-based curriculum that encourages students to test their thinking, prove their answers, and analyze their mistakes to deepen their understanding. Students learn by doing math, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and constructing arguments using precise language. Throughout their course work, our scholars collaborate and work in teams to develop and engineer their ideas in mathematical models and share their thinking and reasoning with their peers.  Continuous feedback from teachers allows students to hone their skills and build their knowledge from one unit to the next. For students who choose it, Fort Greene Prep also offers advanced math coursework with the opportunity to take the Algebra I Regent for high school credit.

Test Tube

Science:It has long been the belief of Fort Greene Prep that only students who regularly act as scientists develop a life-long love of science.  Thus we are committed to daily engaging our scholars in phenomena that allow them to conduct short and long term scientific investigations.  Our science team employs the SCALE Science Curriculum to develop collaboration among our scholars and teach them how to work in teams to investigate their ideas.  As with shared inquiry in ELA, students are encouraged to develop their own questions that drive their exploration for answers.  Inquiry projects aligned to the four scientific domains: Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering allow students to practice skills that cut across them all, such as cause and effect.  Our scholars connect their learning to relevant and current issues impacting the world and learn how to use science to solve problems and advocate for their community.  This combination activates the Next Generation Science Standards and well-prepares our scholars for futures in the field of science.  For students who choose it, Fort Greene Prep also offers advanced science coursework with the opportunity to take the Living Environment Regent for high school credit.

Social Studies:
Fort Greene Prep’s Social Studies curriculum is designed to prepare scholars to become active and involved citizens in their communities and the world.  Focusing on big ideas, students are asked to connect what came before us to the current issues and ideas of now.  We encourage our children to look at history through perspectives, noting whose perspective is centered and whose is left out and ask the question why?  Scholars use a variety of resources and materials to inspire their thinking and envision a better future.


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