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Our Pathways

Fort Greene Prep believes that middle school should be a time to explore, to discover, and to create.  During grades 6 and 7 scholars experience all four pathways: STEM, Computer Science, Visual Arts, and World Language.  At the end of grade 7, scholars make a decision to focus intensively on one of the pathways in grade 8.

Our STEM Pathway centers investigative science, scientific method, and the algebra concepts necessary to represent engineering design.  This pathway culminates in Regents Algebra and Living Environment in grade 8.  Specifically designed for scholars who are interested in pursuing careers in medical professions, science, and engineering, it is here that students can begin to build their conceptual understanding for high school, college, and beyond.  Successful completion of this pathway prepares students for a high school path that can culminate in Physics and Calculus in preparation for entry into a college or university focusing on these careers.


Our Computer Science Pathway focuses on using programming to innovate, create, and problem solve.  Beginning in grade 6 students begin their coding journey by learning block programming.  In grade 7, students build on this understanding through exploration of line coding with Javascript.  For those who choose the pathway for grade 8, they dive deeper into coding using Python.  All grades engage in the Digital Citizenship curriculum which focuses on the ethics of how technology is used in the world and what is its impact on society.  Scholars who successfully complete this pathway are on track to take the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles Examination, readying them to begin a career in the field or to apply for computer engineering college or university programs.



Our Visual Arts Pathway provides students with a forum for self-expression, exploration, imagination, and creativity.  Scholars learn how to use imagery to communicate their ideas and use visual modeling to solve problems. A combination of studio art techniques and the study of art history allows a well rounded foundation. Over the course of three years students will explore a variety of media including, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, pottery, and digital art.  Scholars who successfully complete this pathway will prepare portfolios for consideration into Visual Arts High Schools.

World Language:

Our World Language Pathway fosters an understanding of the connections between language and human nature.  Combining the language arts of speaking, listening, reading and writing, our scholars develop a respect for diverse cultures and traditions and they acquire bilingualism and biliteracy.  Beginning in grade 6, our scholars choose to study either Spanish or French as an additional language, or for those who are graduating from existing French Dual Language or Spanish Dual Language programs, to enter into the French or Spanish Dual Language continuing education programs at Fort Greene Prep.  Successful completion of the World Language Pathway prepares students for success on the Second Language Proficiency Examination and entry into advanced language classes in high school.  Students in the French Dual Language program (FDLP) or Spanish Dual Language program (SDLP) may choose any of the four pathways.  The French and Spanish Dual Language Programs prepare students to acquire the Seal of Biliteracy at the completion of high school.

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