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Welcome Back to School! - 9/21/2020

Good Morning, Fort Greene Preparatory Academy Family--Our students, our staff, our community.

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.

For those of you who don’t yet know me, I am Principal Lettiere and I am so excited to finally have all of you, our students, here with us today.

While this year will certainly be unusual, and different than past years, it will still be your school year containing all the wonders, joys, friendships, and challenges of any other school year. Even when our surroundings are different, we will continue to enrich our minds and connect with others.

The most important part of our year at Fort Greene Preparatory Academy is YOU. Our goal is to help you become your best self. To unlock your unique super power that you will use to create a positive future for yourself. Each of you is on your own individual journey to becoming you, that cannot be compared to anyone else. As you set your goals for the year, understand that success comes when you can be a little better each day than the day before and that by taking steps forward each day, over the course of the year we will reach our goals. We are only competing against ourselves, and making mistakes provides us with important lessons to help us on our journey.

How we look, or dress, or where we come from is not important. How we think and the choices we make is important. It is what builds our character and how we become the best version of ourselves. Together, we will learn how to seek truth as we process information. We will learn how to consider another’s perspective. We will learn how to collaborate with others, so each of us can contribute our gifts and talents, and by doing so, make the commu

nity a better place.

At Fort Greene Preparatory Academy there is room for each of you to SHINE. We look forward to getting to know you better this year, and watching the glow of your light. I am thrilled to begin this work today! Have a great first day and a wonderful year.


Principal Lettiere

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